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We offer a home away from home, a safe place. No matter what day it is. You can always call on someone to be heard. Our promises to young people.


Every day even going to school is a challenge. It’s going the longer way to school just to avoid opposition territory where rivals live. They’ve got this fear on their mind constantly. That’s our biggest challenge – trying to help young people to step away from that and guide them along the right path.Emile LibockSenior Caseworker

We have an incredible story to tell and many different stakeholders to whom we need to tell it. So it is vital that we have a clear and compelling narrative for all.

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What We Do


Through activities we run and detached outreach work, we identify those who may benefit from counselling and support. This may be a referral from a school or pupil referral unit. The aim of our work here is to establish the situation that the young person finds themselves in, provide space for them to come to terms with their life, options and choices, and support them to promote their welfare and development.


Counselling, mentoring and reactive violence de-escalation are part of our interventions. For some young people this is 1:1 sessions with their dedicated youth worker, others receive phone support, diversions including activities, and interventions keeping them out of harm’s way. We have a Crisis Response and are called to situations where gang conflicts, knife violence and street conflicts are occurring. Our work with young people and partners is to talk down individuals from violence, reduce retaliation, and safeguard those involved.


For those whose education and training has become challenged or chaotic, and for those in youth prisons, we provide educational and vocational support. This includes work with the young person to develop their skills in self care and motivation in order to set goals they can achieve. We are proud of positive self esteem and confidence outcomes alongside the numbers of young people completing skills, courses and returning to education.

Our impact

In 2019-2020 we mentored 219 young people through a minimum 12 week programme, building on the 2018-2019 year where 166 individuals were mentored. This is our core service. The aim of these activities is to build mental health resilience. The assessment and outcome measures for the evaluation are a wellbeing scale and self-esteem scale as well as a bespoke assessment of outlook and susceptibility to violence.


Apart from death prison’s the lowest a young person can get. 9 times out of 10 it’ll be the loneliest and most dangerous environment they’ll be in. We go to see them and support their mental health.’Jason AllenDirector of Youthwork



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