We engage young people at risk of school exclusion, risk of involvement with the criminal justice system or impacted by violence.

About us

Mary’s exists to provide therapeutic care and practical safety that enable young people at risk.

We build emotional skills and take action to reduce their risk of being involved in violence as a two part approach to supporting a young person.

Often the circumstances a young person is in are overwhelming and hold back their ability to engage.

Mary’s outcomes show safety support alongside mentoring are effective in managing serious youth violence and increasing individual achievement.

Areas of work

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Mary’s safety work includes gang mediations, knive amnesty, prision visits, incident response and detached work talking to young people on the streets. Within our programme safety includes statutory meetings involving a young person’s wellbeing and being the responsible adult within the justice system.

Emotional Skills

Emotional Skills

Our mentoring and counselling focus are person-centred, dynamic and informed by attachment theory. These form a variety of programmes that Mary’s team uses to progress a young person to greater understanding of their situation, improved wellbeing, self esteem and reduced aggression. Mary’s works toward measurable and meaningful change in a young person’s emotional skills and cognitive understanding.



During program measures include wellbeing and engagement. End of program measures include not engaging in serious youth violence and the criminal justice system for a relevant time period; attendance in education or training; and improvements in scores from validated tools measuring wellbeing, mental health, self-esteem and aggression. Long term measurements are within our Cohort Studies and relate to the impact of violence and socioeconomic issues.



Mary’s collects data in two cohorts, our Core Dataset and our Sociological Impact Data Set. Analysis of our data provides us with measures of meaningful impact, performance management information and feedback for the development of our work. We undertake stand alone pieces of research on systemic concerns and issues arising.
Emile Libock
Every day even going to school is a challenge. It’s going the longer way to school just to avoid opposition territory where rivals live. They’ve got this fear on their mind constantly. That’s our biggest challenge - trying to help young people to step away from that and guide them along the right path.
Emile Libock
Senior Caseworker

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We was listened to when we had something to say. We are honest about what has happened.
Young Person
Mary’s Core Programme



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